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Court of Confusion - text

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Time it rushes away like dawning sun
Turns the chapter one day
Cause in the actions "I am"
To conquer the face
Born to taunt "The old man"
Let's describe all these lines that I
Read written to give no clue
Every single word I say
Brought down only just to confuse
I can see your plight
Mourning news start to feel the bite
Age of our generation
It belongs to you
Not some bullshit conception
Let's pretend that we're god up holy high
Sporting life without no will or why
If you see what's said between these lines
My brother human beings would still
Be alive
Court of confusion legal adviser
No retribution none any higher
Get the conclusion don't read all the fine
Get yourself butt-fucked
Done by the lawyer man
"This can't happen to me"
"I have my rights"
So what can you say?'s just a legal fee
That's right
Solo-Chorus-1st Verse
My court of confusion
A deadly solution
My court of confusion

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