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The Hand on the Doorledge - text


Little Girl
lying on the cold stone floor
Her body distracted with pain
bruises on fragile arms
the molestor finally went away

said: 'Take care'
No, she's not responsible for that
She fought it tooth and nail
But this disgustful bastard carried on

The child in her finally kicked the bucket
To lose sight of it, is all she's begging for
What a pack of lies! Kill, just kill this monster...

Sneaking and quietly... comes closer
Touches softly... her small and destroyed body
'Everything's alright...'
'Come Sweetie, come and take my hand...'

Little Girl
lying in the cold grave
Mummy and Daddy standing in front
Tears of grief and despair
Running slowly down their frozen faces

Text přidal DevilDan

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