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The airless room mirrors in her eyes
red lipstick caresses her lips
black cole rests on her weary lashes
rotundous earrings spin under her ears

A rough hand runs over her noble face
but she holds her head up proudly
halfnaked she leans against the bald wall
she counts the meager banknotes greedily.

Lying on the dowdy bed
waiting for the moment of salvation
levitating in the unsought fancifulness
losing a fracture of honor.

Disclose the bodily voracity to the humanity
hide the own appetite underneath the silky bedding
smother the dignity with torture and agony
obtain a declaration of cold comfort.

Observe the scenery from a different field of vision
Simmering with excitement, but still awaiting the end

Delving the grievious head between the mellow knees
the proper shape decreasing with every dolorous day
assuming the mastery over one´s flesh and blood
get a slap in the face from the erratic destiny.

Text přidal DevilDan

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