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In the Twinkling of an Eye - text


A short, inconspicuous moment
It appears to be completely irrelevant
Accidentaly their insecure looks cross
Bashfully they sink their eyes to the ground

Their paths went seperate ways
Slowly she's moving away from him
At a moment's notice
she'll be dissapeared from his sight

Their two lives go on in a habitual way
Day and Night they awaken and go to sleep

The same place, only time passed
Consciously their unconfident looks cross
the eyes seem suprisedly familiar

Tentatively and quietly he whispers in her ear
Softly and unpurposely he touches her tender skin
Slowly and insecurely she grabs for his hand
Gently he strokes over her long hair
he senses her fragileness
His lips tender and warm on hers
Lying arm in arm, she's so close to him
Words aren't necessary anymore
His hand touches hers,
He feels her breath

There's no way back

Text přidal DevilDan

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