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15 years ago I saw it coming
The end of things that were – what are we coming to?
I saw the evil, lurking in the shadows
Protecting me so violently – killing on a Sunday

And in this place of mine, you’re coming through
Laughing, teasing, spitting, biting – all for you
To sail away in darkness, is what we do
Never cared what others said – killing on a Sunday

And when we laugh – we laugh at you
Other minds are black, shining through
Always together
Now and forever

You’ll never sail this boat of evil will
Twisting, turning, slave of me (I pay the bill)
And you depend on me – it’s what you can
Of innocence and mockery

15 years ago I saw my love
The end of me, but hard to see – it wasn’t all my fault
But here came evil – follow my path
Sleep with me endlessly

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