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In Light of the Moon - text


this view our castle burnt
Feels so strange abnormally
Take 'em all and feel decay
In the woods we hide for days

There's no reliving forever lost
I shall not feel nor will I live
Step up the system release the edge
And all you dread be realized

As you dispose of personal pain
The fight will end and an angel fly in
Eat it for lunch whatever you think
Your nightmares dies in light of your thrill

In light of the moon
Will charge my life
The fight is dead
Gone killed itself

Enlight me soul be forever mine
The case is closed sealing all my dreams
Locked in the unknown sinking all the time

Will crack your skull thinking is divine
The lost control handing over pride
Fuel my only hope staying at your side

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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