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Littoria - text


Where the ocean meets the shore
Two worlds mingle
The spray of the surf spitting
The coarseness of sand scratching
The plurality of your mind
Tearing your soul
In two

Clouds parting in the sky
Reveal a lustful moon
But in my mind the clouds are
Taking hold

Creatures of the shore
Take shelter in the sand
But the monsters of my mind
And steal command

Evolution robbed me
Exiled me to land
My mother ocean spurned me
And no longer knows my name

I choke upon the atmosphere
And struggle in the sea
I'm torn between two worlds
Neither of which nurtures me

I ride the shores but nowhere I belong
I gaze at the horizon
Turn and look upon the hill
Neither will embrace me
Since my birth I have been searching
And it seems I'm searching still

I'm fading in the moonlight's pallid stare
The stars and planets do not seem to care
I wade into the roaring sea
Await some god to carry me
Away from strangeness, apathy
My world awaits
My world

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