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Kinaesthesia - text


Madness come unto me
In my darkened Xanadu
The stagnancy of Shangri La
Had drifted into view

Frame by frame reality
Was skewing my perception
Til nothing of my past
The ultimate deception

Colliding with the present
With the future thrown away
Behind I saw the fading light
The final shards of yesterday

Damn this
Constant stutter
In my muscles
Static in this time and space
Static for all time
Nowhere in the past or future
Can I now survive

Horizon to the left of me
A treadmill from the past
Slowly fade beyond me
To tomorrow they are cast

The shuddering accelerates
Ionic bonds shake loose
The coldest place is nowhere
Where I stay I can't break loose

Damn this
A liquid flutter
In my muscles
Dissolving in this time and space
Fading for all time
Nowhere is my gaoler
It never sleeps
I will never die

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