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Ghosts in Flesh - text


A house alone
Stark in abandonment
Decaying memories
No more a home

A fleet of ships
Sent to survey new worlds
Sunken in brine
No more to roam

And they say all our lives to impress
Live to win, live to conquer, to transgress
But as we pace back and forth
Undermining our thoughts
Is the fear that all we are, all we will be
Are ghosts in flesh

Fight each day
Feed the banking machine
To keep the kids fed
To keep the house clean
Cannot open your eyes
To the planet's demise
Have a mortgage to pay
While our morals decay

But the hollowness inside
Plastered over with a thin veil of pride
Something in there has died
Just a beating heart and a toxic mind
But with nothing else are we really alive?

When we crowned ourselves the masters of the earth
Was it really just a slow death and not a rebirth?
With economies our gods
Has the bottom line twisted every mind
And the ghosts in flesh left a dead world behind?

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