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Genetic Memory - text


The cells within our bodies
Are replaced each seven years
But a memory can last a thousand lifetimes
The itch below the surface
And the welling of our fears
Are the preface to an ancestral crime

There was a time
When I would sleep as soon as I hit the pillow
There was a time
When I knew not depression
A hateful wind has breeched my skin
And underneath it billows
It burns my soul
And leaves its sick impression

I never knew my father
But I'm sure he must be dead
I feel that empty feeling in my bones
A lot has changed these last few months
A war within my head
And raining from above like falling stones

The dreams come to me every night now
The masquerade conceals my wicked plans
Some spirit in the wind or a man within my mind
Whispers for me to descend the stairs

I dare to lift my mask and take a glance into the mirror
I see myself but see it isn’t me
Familiar yet unknown to me the man tips me a wink
Through centuries he sets me
Invites me to enjoy the show
I'm terrified yet mesmerised
I don't know what to think

The music gathers pace and the dancers gather 'round
Identities not known, nor inhibition
A frenzy in a heightened daze
An elevated toxic phase
A girl is separated and invited out for air

The scene is ended by a knife
A piercing, chilling scream
The curtain falls it is blood-red
And every morning say
I say it's just a dream

It changed one day, my mother died
To quell the grief I cleaned the memories from her attic
In my father's hand I found the note of suicide
Felt that distant evil voice call through like static

I read his note and wiped away my tears
Those very dreams were also his
They plagued his father and grandfather too
So many generations driven by one twisted act
A murder echoes generations through

And I glance into the mirror
And I see it isn’t me
An evil apparition from genetic memory
I take a knife to take a life
I struggle with the wrong and right
Within I am still there
And driven by despair
If I'm to take a life it must be me

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