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Fevered Tongue - text


You scorch the earth with your caustic stare
Your baited children dying in your lair
They're mesmerized, a glazed look in their eyes
They sit in peace and wait for their demise

Beware the man with the fevered tongue
His words form evil melodies, but must remain
He'll give you fouled breath from his toxic lung
He'll poison you
And then watch you die
You've come to die

Behold, I am the light
I am your rock, your shepherd
I'll protect you in the night

Beware the sins of people
They are the lost ones, hell's children
The souls of evil deeds

We are all embryos, our lives not yet begun
When you escape this womb then you and god
Will join as one
And with my glory bind
So the damned are left behind
Yes the death of human kind will see our birth

We have the power
We shall destroy the world
Of life we'll cleanse the planet
Of pain we'll free our souls

He lost a mind with an acrid word
One lost soul found and found his voice
Those mesmerized were soon to find their way
And murder the man who had let them all

He was the man with the fevered tongue
And by this wretched organ from an oak tree
He was hung
His plots unfinished his twisted will undone
They foiled him
He was forced to die
No god was seen to cry

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