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Seventh Seal Gnosis - text


The darkest of enclaves, unseen projections emanate
Turbulent visionaries, rebirth of the gnostics of hate
Foretold deconstruction of a deteriorating plane
Petrified populations die, a seal defied by none alive
Perpetuated unease, our abyssal propensity
To self destruct, amplified, forcing the end times
Life a multitude of knives (flaying at the world)

Fed a gruel of human flesh,
you partake in the insanity
Share the deadly visions,
destabilizing the grasp of reality
Malleable fabric of time

Instilled with the wisdom to tear at a contrived cerulean
To spurn the vanity of this existential phase
Grinning at the altar, exuding the breath of chaos
Servants of Morbidity

Permeating knowledge of the end bears fruition
Stones aglow, revelations to know

Let the blood flow to a chalice below
Seventh seal commences, disastrous tectonic quakes
Tumultuous signs, predictions arise, a curse sublime
Declination of life

I dared to negate dimensional constraints
Merging with the foes, consuming in telepathy
But their power is now mine
Deducing the elements, foretelling our demise
Ripping at the fabric of space & time

In the darkest hideaway, rituals unheard of satiate
Where a vicious seminary awakens to seventh seal gnosis

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