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Heritage of the Jackal - text


Shrine of Silent Statues
Dust and silence dominate
Cloud of burial incense
A Dirge sounds and the rites are begun
By acolytes of the end times
Kneeling in the ruins of tragic demise

Thus blessed by the abandoned ones
Touched by the hand of spiritual Lycanthropy
Devour the dreams of the inncent
Sacrifice to the outer dark

Scourge Apotheosis
Red eyes outside the firelight

A feral soul unbound
Beast of Typhon raging
Scavenger of sorrow
Prowling deserts of desolation

An inner beast
Jaws slice with violence
Ascension to a new level

Claws and teeth
Tokens of godhood
A howling in the blood
Gleaming in their savagery

Inner desert
Soul carrion
Jackal consciousness

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Video přidal paja65

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