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Contragenesis - text


Let the final flame be extinguished
Let the sun sink never to rise
Let the start grow cold and still
Beneath the cold hand of entropy

For I am herald of desolation
Dwelling alone in the furious abyss
Inimical to existence
Raging contrary to all order

Possessed by lust for the void
Let the trumpets of dissolution sound
Forlorn hymns of triumph
At the wedding of grief and death

Consumated in the bed of decay
A vile arousal, contrary to all laws
Firing the propensity of apocalypse
In the womb of uncreation
Wedded to death, steadfast and loyal
Foresaking all others
Forever athurst in the loins of decadence
Fore she is insatiable in her lust
To populate the dead cosmos
with her monstrous children

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