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Bereft of the Intelligible Realm - text

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Perceiving black dimensions, Anomalies form in overcast skies
From a twisted haze eruption swarms
The unintelligible menace
Oblivious invocation from an obscure source
From the realms bereft of light, unseen malign force
Sent to influence and destroy
The weakened minds of philistines
Destructive possession of the collective psyche
Darkens a mundane and doomed land
Sensing of foul energies, vulnerable to entrapment
Shadows loom in the distance
To bring your soul's entanglement
Bereft of the universe, Immune to the laws of nature
Darkness consumes sanity, Sight obscured by blood red
A veil of venomous rage engulfs your wretched soul
Impetuous violence ensues across the cityscape
Zombified populace consumed by erratic fury
The stench of death shrouds you in repugnance
Blood runs cold as you stare into the void
Hear the cries from realms unknown
Compelling us to our deathroes
This force chills you to the bone, makes you feel insipid
Black magic ground zero, a spiritual black hole
Now the land is plagued with chaos, the curse can not be unsealed
Deeds of petulant sorcerers caused our realm to reel

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