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Alchemy of Suffering - text


What fallen angel has laid this curse upon my door?
That turned all life's gold to iron?
Like some perverse Midas
In an inverse alchemical process...


Reduced to the first principal
By this tainted touch of treason

Rotten to the bone
Worthy only of scorn
Twisted transmutation
Mutated at its touch
To a form below wretchedness

Obscene Hermes presides above the rite
Granted votive offerings of fear

No form remains fixed
Mercurial element of dread
Flowing between spleen and ideal
Flowering into evil

Transform the world anew
As the elements war upon each other
What hand shall guide their strife?
What mind encompass the tumult?

Alchemy of suffering
Mercurial atomic torment

Process of inversion
Unfix the stars from the sky
Alchemy of suffering
Warp the world into ordure

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