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Island of the Damned - text

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The screams of the possessed
Echoed over open sea
Darting eyes of desperation
Whispered mutiny
The captain barked his orders
Scanned the heavens for a sign
Madness was upon them
They were running out of time
This merchant ship of the merciless
Found itself lost in fog and mist
No purse of gold
Could turn or stand
The ghosting forth
To unknown strand
The Island, The Island of the Damned
The Island, The Island of the Damned
A once proud people stolen
Taken away from all they know
Slave forced into bondage
Beasts of burden, bought and sold
All Hope lay in tatters
Ground into the deck by holy stones
Dignity was stripped away
Stripped down to the bone
This guineaman of misery
Creaked forward slow and bitterly
Its cargo suffered wretchedness
In darkened holds below
Among them was a holy man
Who serve the Loa with both hands
Vengeful spirits would descend
To send their captors souls below
To The Island,
The Island of the Damned
To The Island,
The Island of the Damned
Mysterious, invisible
Voodoo can not be held by chains
Destructive and unstoppable
The evil crept into their brains
Charon crossed the river Styx
And journeyed to the world of dead
The Bokor’s magic took control
To take them where
No compass lead
Cursed by voodoo, gripped in fear
The crew dropped to their
Knees in prayer
If God would only hear them
Their salvation be at hand
Delivered from the ravages
Of these unholy savages
Then the barrel man
In the crows nest
He shouted Land
The Island, The Island of the Damned
The Island, The Island of the Damned

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