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Ozzy Osbourn sold
His soul to the Devil
He said Rock and Roll
Will last forever
As long as Heavy Metal rages
He’ll live forever through the ages
The Devil said
I’ll take that bet
But if you’re wrong
What do I get
How ‘bout the heavens
And all the Earth
The Antichrist will know his birth
Heavy Metal Holocaust
Ozzy Osbourn said
the Devil was crazy
Cause rock and roll is
The Devil’s baby
But with Satan nothing’s sacred
Only lies, pain and hatred
He never treats you like he should
Deals with the Devil are never good
Heavy Metal Holocaust
Without Metal all is lost
When the final riff is played
The dead shall rise
Walk from the grave
All mankind enslaved
Satan’s laughter in our final hour
Heavy Metal’s lost its power
Demon masses at the ready
Zombie armies holding steady
Ozzy Osbourn said
There’s no use in waitin’
The world’s gotta date
To be raped by Satan
Than Randy Rhodes
Leaps from the grave
And his guitar begins to blaze
Metal’s glory taking over the earth
Destroying evil and Satan’s course
Heavy Metal Holocaust
Ozzy wins, the Devil lost
Metal zombies save the day
With Heavy Metal from the grave

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