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Demon Slayer - text


It's a dark night of the soul,
In these halls so rife with sin
Nothing's control, nothing's whole
For there's housed a demon within

But there is justice to be had
When all is said and done
For when these bars come down
I'll find out who's the one

And as I'm siding from my sheath

I'll take your life
I am the demonslayer
My blade is bright
I am the martyr maker

A sordid history; a splendid path
Soaked with pain, lies and deceit
Raping bodies and wrecking minds
A holy wolf among the sheep

I am the hunter of you sick souls
Forged in fire and blood of time
My edge is sharpened on your bones
As I plunge through you human slime

And as I'm siding from my sheath


Hide or beg, I'll show you no mercy
Through justice will flow from your veins
I'll bring you to your knees
Give you back the pain you gave
To take it to your grave
My bloody job's done well
So now you burn in hell!

Once again, I must now hunt
Through these streets, rain running vile
Seeking the unholy man
With his hands old and purile

The blood groove that runs through my heart
Feeds my strength with sour wine
My steel will seek all of you out
No matter how divine

And as I'm siding from my sheath


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