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Planet War - text


Rivers and oceans dried up, all is red
Children were playing, they're fighting instead (But soon...)
Battle of clans puts an end, settles scores
No one survives in this war of the wars

(Die I, die you, die us) Die you, die us
(We've been deceived, alas)
Cut others' heads (Let's cut each others' heads)
End of the reds (Overture of dead reds)

My planet, my people, our wondrous sins
This day we'll pray, but all sink in oblivion
Killed by ourselves, what an ironic fate
Wish I could stop awful war, who prevents although

(Die I, die you, die us) Die you, die us
(We've been deceived, alas)
Played cruel game (Creation played cruel game)
Laugh so insane (Apocalypse laughs so insane)

Hush, crimson creature, don't waste igneous tears
This is the deal only of million years

One day the third planet's people will seek
Remnants of life on Barsoom, I can feel it
One day the third planet seek...
(Welcome to Planet War)

Text přidala Deanxy

Video přidala Deanxy

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