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Alga (2017) - text


Million days and nights before
When only tarpans ruled this world
Our nomad fathers took it in their hands

Warm from coddling sun by day
Cooled by see breezing by nights
It is loved so hard that our heart just lights

No one can take our land from us, it is our home
And no one can decide for us, leave us all alone
We will hold arms to death until the last of us stands still
We will destroy and crush all foes, we’ll shout 'Alga!' and kill!

Violet lilacs fill the woods,
Meadows full of grass an fruits
Mountain peaks of limestone pierce the blue-blue sky

Stormy waves crash on the rocks,
Grapes entwine the antic scree
How can one not love this land of sun and sea?

How dare you godless bastards step on my land?
How dare you touch my daughters and sons?
This will be your last steps, unless you turn,
Put your two-headed eagle in your ass and run!

Text přidala Sharrie

Video přidala Sharrie

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