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Love has been a friend to me - text


Love has been a friend to me
A friend my whole life through
Always saw the best in me
As only friends will do

It was young when I was young
And both of us were blind
We made it through the careless years
Love has been a friend of mine

Love has been a friend to me
Companions of the heart
Following where passion leads
We learn what fools we are

Even when it breaks my heart
And hope is hard to find
I still remember all the ways
Love has been a friend of mine

In a world ever changing
Every season must end
Love makes only one promise
It will find you again

I remember every word
That love has ever said
To a perfect melody
Running through my head

On a not too far tomorrow
I'll sing back every line
The title of my song will be
'Love Has Been A Friend Of Mine'

Love is happiness and sorrow
It's everything in time
Through it all I'm glad to say
Love has been a friend of mine, of mine

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