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Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
All the days he thought he'd lost her
All the nights she had that fear
All the fights and all they cost her
All of that has lead them here
All their life has gone this way
So they could be here this day
Oh, this day
And all the wrong turns on the way
Somehow brought them both here to this day
Walking by a wedding
On East Tenth, near Lower Broadway
On a dapple afternoon of a not-quite-summer's day
Walking by a wedding
With the wispy, waspish bridesmaids
With the whitest calla lilies
In the tiniest bouquet
It must be May
All the time I lost before you
All the time I left to fate
All the time that I'll adore you
Is how I know we're not too late
Every hour of love delayed
Doesn't mean a minute this day
Oh, this day
And when we finally say those vows
I'll love you just as long as time allows
Walking by a wedding
As the church doors tumble open
And the cousins and the colleagues
Stagger out into the street
You imagine your own wedding
As you float on down the aisle
To the man upon the alter
Who will make your life complete
Who perhaps you'll one day meet
And she will never look so beautiful
And he will never stand so still
And this day may last forever
But tomorrow never will
And life will never seem so beautiful
For trouble seems so far away
Will the answers be so easy
As I do, and I do, this once, this day?
Walking by a wedding
On East Tenth, near Lower Broadway
In the dying afternoon of a should-be summer day
Standing there and knowing
The world will never seem so lonely
As when you're walking by a wedding
And waiting and watching
Then walking, walking away
Get ready for the bride and groom!
All the things I messed up badly
All the hurt and all the shame
You'd do 'em all again and gladly
If you knew you'd end up the same
All my life a sad display
All of it, except for this day
Oh, this day
And I'm a sorry sight to see
Except the fact that you love me
And all I lost along the way
Is all I had to lose to find this day
Oh, this day
This day
Oh, this day
I'm amazed he somehow found her
I'm amazed that she gave in
She will lift, and he will ground her
All in all, I'd say it's win-win
'Cos the first time was disaster
When Liz was Oran's wife
She'd have ditched him that much faster
If he'd just walked into her life
Oh, this day
This day
Oh, this day
This day
Oh, this day...

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