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Soul Forgery - text


Scream aloud
The way that I harmed you
Show me how you're feeling
Without me
And I lay down
Counting the tears
Licking only memories
I can't live

Please save for me
Now all the things
You didn't give
Please bury me
With all our dreams
Pathetic hopes

I gave my soul
You gave only coldness
I feel injured
I long to erase my feelings
Break the nerves in me
Kill my weakness
I won't need you
I'll Never crave your touch... anymore
I won't need you
No more turning back
It's too late
To heal these wounds

Forged sorrow
I don't believe your act
Dreams that grew behind you
Turned to stone
Help yourself with

So can't you see
This winding path
Entrapping me
Spite grows inside,
I feed myself
With unknown banes


That I'm a projection
I can hide
From the things I can't foresee
No dreams inside my head
And no grief for your lost love

'cause when you close your eyes
The world goes on to be
It's just you that cannot see

I go back in time
To when I didn't feel at all
Now I can deny
All the love you had from me
Healing all my wounds
With my woven pain
This time I'm dripping blood for real...

You lied to me
I know that look
Contemn me

The silence holds the storm

The silence comes
To fill the void
The scars are gone, are mended
And the cries
The shouting nights between us
Are now over
My control is my pride


I cannot fight my rage
The treason burns under my skin
I cannot soothe the ache
The struggle grown inside of me
I want to taste your sorrow
The same you drove inside my life
I want to kill the pain
That you gave out

You try to tame me
And what you say
Is like a whip beating my face
I plead
But you are crazed
Who will demand
For your offence
I'll never trust someone else to try
I will, I'll have my vengeance

I can't lead my life to rest
She won't sing the words for me
Of tender lullabies
My dreams are so deranged

I cannot fight my rage
The treason burns below my skin
I want to kill the pain
That you gave out
Treason burns through my skin

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