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Nemesis' End - text

Victim lies here
Naked and battered, just for me
Bound with bracelets, chains
And laced to fit my needs
You try to understand
The way that brought this end
I'm pleased to tell you
To taste your fear

Praying me, this helpless beast
To spare it's life
Wicked thoughts, perverse, forlorn
I'm here alone
I've never been this close
To try and kill the cause
Of my damnation
And cut it's throat

Some lost thoughts
Find their way
To the dome where
I hold my rage
Words of wrong and right
Of peace and fight
Like a beam
Trying to show the way
Behind the screen
Of my dream

In this place
I see that something's lost
And my plot
Is somehow like a ghost
Now I face the things I have done
Bring the blade
To taste my very flesh


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Icycore texty

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