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Fragile Hopes - text

Now to reach your home
Will she wait for you?
'till the end of night
Until you bend down

All my mistakes
Every dream
Could all this be wrong?
I can't breathe now
As I need you
I can't live... no more

Play your part
Could all this be right?
Can't you feel this
Strain that tears
The remains of us?

So many thorns tied
Around my white limbs
You'll never trust me

Empty dreams
Fragile hopes
See what we are all just living for
Climbing over
What we trust
Just a step to fall

Time after time
All the words, all your lies
Sound in my ears
Piercing me

Tied to a dream we should reach out
A new form to let us be
Clouding fear is all I perceive
I'm standing here but I sink

Losing the world I belong to
I can't stand or walk no more
Would you fly with me, or just flee
Fearing the thing inside of me

Don't you see this?
Won't you be with me?
No, don't tell me, that now all is fine
Will you let me crumble from the sky?

Fearing the things
Fearing what we can give

Can we live our life?
Can we live?
Living all without any hope

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