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And Then Nothing Remains - text

What I can recall
Is the pain
From those cold words
And all my dreams
Turned into grief
And you
You knew I'd rather die

Now, inside my dream
Your lips are still
Your eyes so kind
No spite behind
In death
You're lovely once again

Now speak to me
Tell me what is love?

The love you killed
Without a reason
You can't have
Forgotten this

Now feed my hate
Pour salt in my wounds

Now, there is no life
There is no hope, no reason

You were so distant
You gave me lies and sorrow
You walked away
Confirming all I've thought
You gave me coldness
I'd like you stiff and mealy
I want to have you cold, in glass
And exposed for me

I can't fulfill my dream
I'm lost inside my wish
I know who told you lies
Who darkened your vision
I can't obliterate
The struggle in my head
Through pains and penalties
He'll pay all his dues

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