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A Sudden Reawakening - text

n my night
There's a sudden clattering
A brand new voice
Coming up the stairs to find me
Wakes me and pours on me
Some daylight
Burning through my sleepy eyes
But warming
Warming up my frozen feelings

There is no rest
'cause now the call is loud
My reason flooded
By your face

Fire grows inside my
Dried neglected heart
Breaks my shell

Now the light
Throws some shades behind
Just a brush stroke of night
Still endless pit to fall without end
No lack of fear
In my endless nights
Like an illness you can't cut out
She made it end
And still I'm sad
I can't tell you why

There is no chance
My foresight disbanded
My reason fooled again

Shield me
Help me
You own me
The first thought at dawn
The last thought at night
You'll never
Let me drift away

Hold me
Save me
I plead you
Let me have some peace
Let me taste full love
Let me see
The closure of my void

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