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Fixed look to the hand
What now after so many battle
To forge the swords for the new lands
And they defend the honor of their brothers
His frozen look has seen to pass
So many dead bodies, a lot of wins
And so many armors, have made him
Strong and fierce
Of his sword!
His tired eyes are lost
In the cold of the Scandinavian mount
Only the blade of the sword
Will breaks the surreal silence
Blacksmith of the north
It hands down your values, you
Spread your swords
The memory of brave Vikings
What it rests in Valhalla with your honor
Obscurity decides the destiny of battles
But you, determined, continuous to sharpen swords
As himself in battle, feel like fighting
But the signs of the time prevent you from it
Blacksmith of the north, defend your ideal
Your courage, your weapon
Will be remembered once that
You won't belong to this world
The mission that brings before
He has marked it in the body
And he has traced his walk
He is a brave warlike, a lover of the steel
What in his hands becomes icy
A lover of the steel
And anything sinks!

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Icy Steel

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