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ack threw a party on a Saturday night
And everybody was coming along
Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie
Cows jumping over the moon
The owl and the pussy cat went to see
See what was going down
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Will never be together again
This is too much fun
Yo, ho, ho, ho
Big fun
Butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker
Chasing the three blind mice
Sugar and Spice being not so nice
Humpty Dumpty all over the place
Little Bo Peep, fast asleep
Simple Simon was not impressed
Down came the spider and sat down beside her
She wiped the smile right off his face
This is too much fun
Yo, ho, ho, ho
Big fun
Jack B. Nimble, not so quick, Jack fell over the candlestick
Little Jack Horner passed out in the corner
Hey, Diddle Diddle, the cat played the fiddle
This is too much... fun
Are we having fun yet?
Yo, ho, ho, ho
Big fun

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