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Archangel - text

Mirrors all around me
Never felt more free to ask
They come and leave
They fear...
They fear...
Honer is just another word for weakness
Love will outlive death
We birth our future
He destroys our nature
Death is only a door
All seeing eye
Triangel of light

All infinity in my heart
All eternity in your hands
He is predictable
Minutes of desire
My soul on fire
Glorify gifts from heaven
Let him burn forever in debts of hell
Pure light fire and water
Time is broken here
I can't change it
Time is stolen from me
He is about to leave me

Archangel Archangel
Aaaaaaaaa Archangel
Show me the mercy
Im still thirsty for his blood
The hate is growing inside
Revenge will keep me alive
Oh Archangel make him die

One step from the pedestal
Memories tear me apart
This can be a good start
Oh Archangel freeze my heart
Dont make him a winner
You know that he is a sinner
God is my witness
Oh Archangel kill my weakness

Heal me with your light
Teach me how to fly -Make me fly
Oh Archangel make him die

Text přidala dirty6moon

Video přidala dirty6moon

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