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Bright lights and promises
A pocket full of dreams
That's what they pay me to be
Gold lame' and diamonds
I am a hometown queen
Honey, would sing it just for me?
When I was good
And when I was bad
I never thought I'd end up this way
With no dreams to hide me
Bright lights to guide me
How long does it take to make the grade?
Everywhere I hear
A ringing in my ear
Drummer, let the music play
Give me small town blues
Make it loud, make it do
Listen to the music sway.
Barrails and cocktails
Have you got a lite?
Ain't that what it pays to keep in site?
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Over used and much abused
Promises of delight
Honey, would you care to spend the night?
Take a little time
Some memories and wine
Loosen up the sucker by the bar
And if he wants to hold you
If he wants to know you
Honey, that's what your here for.
Until all I see
Is them reaching out for me
Drummer, play that ol' time melody.
Bright lights and promises
That's all it's for
Leave and enter by the service door
Now, I'm gold lame' and diamonds
Even if my gold is worn
Honey, can you show me more?

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