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You will beg and quiver before me.
Now you know what fear truly is.
Given the world to succeed.
What a fucking joke.
It's kind of funny how shit works out.
Choke on a dick.
You're a fucking trick.
I will rape you of your dignity.
As I strip you of your livelihood.
Has life been too hard for you?
Did it feel good while they're inside?
I can't wait to hear you scream.
You beg and plead for me to stop.
Yet I can't control myself.
Your insides will taste superb.
Will your family miss you?
I am to believe not.
Hopefully more will meet your fate,
for I must feed my cravings.
I will rid the world.
Your body reeks of filth and disease.
So spread your legs and let's begin.
The extraction of your tools of corruption.
Were you mommy's princess?
Or just a daddy's girl? Seems your luck has run out.
Your demons have caught you.
Take a look at your life.
Was it worth it in the end?
Shut up you fucking slut.
Take your grasp of air.
Say goodbye to all you love.
'Cause no one loves a cunt.

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