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Hey bad man stay away from me. Your dark shadow slithers next to me.
I smell you bad man. I can hear your footsteps creeping around me.

You weak man, you bad man, sending fear in everyone you see.
Hide from him. The bad man. He is going to take you away.

Hey bad man. Sending fear in everyone you see. Don't ever try to fight him. He will rip your heart out kicking and screaming.

You weak man. You bad man. Sending fear in everyone you see

Crawl into a dark hole you vile mother fucker
Darkness suits you as it it was second nature. Deprive yourself of a real life

Violence drives him to stay alive. Sleep the day away in your dark cave
Awake at night in a violent rage
Killing everything in his way
No consciousness living with his rage

He is under your bed, crawling out of your closet
Ripping cutting and tearing. Mutilating everything living

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