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Predetermined Path - text


Embrace malevolence in humanity with deep love.
Shatter all that once was known.
We have brought on filth and famine.
Wiping all whom have stood in our wake.
This is a predetermined path.
Destroy those whom which will destroy you.
Destroy you. Not a shred of hope left for humanity.
Globalization running rampant across the land.
Death is imminent to us all.
We are dictated on the things we consume.
There is no fucking justification
to why we have destroyed our nation.
When your system has failed you where do you turn?
Corroded points of views with no moral values
of right and wrong.
If God truly existed humanity was his worst creation.
The only destined path we walk is toward the apocalypse.
Find no hope and find no solace.
Only embrace misanthropy.
Sacrifice yourself for the greater good of
a flawed creation.

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