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You have been corrupted by your greed.
This whole idea of life makes you sick.
Take a look into the mirror at all your perfect flaws.
You will face this world alone
'cause no one knows that you exist.
You are dead to all around you.
So let's go out with a bang.
Death would be much easier.
End your life and spare us all.
This gun is your best friend.
Make sure the bullet hits its mark.
Taste the steel in your throat.
Make this count.
Your life lost hope long ago.
Now this bullet has a purpose:
to end a life that didn't mean anything.
Who do you think will find you first?
All bets point to no one. Isn't that a sad reality?
This is your last breath. I hope that this is painful.
I wish I could have seen your face
with the barrel down your throat.
Make this your favorite memory.
No one even knows you're gone.
No one even cares you're gone.

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