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Infinite Corruption - text


Pushing a belief,
Feeding the lies,
To what happens to us when we die.

Living your life on both of your knees,
Because of your insecurities.

The ideas of religion have corrupted man since the dawn of time.
How can you kill in the name of God and feel it is justified?
Taking a life a part of a sacrifice?
We are suffocating from our ignorance.

Forced upon the masses without even knowing the effects it has put on history.

There is no separation between church and state.

Using false martyrs to make your flaws seem less noticeable,
Damning all those who opposed your beliefs.

How can you spread love and faith by causing death and intolerance?
Forgiveness is not justification.
What kind of world discards generosity?
Insincerity is nothing without fear.

Eternal damnation for a lack of cowardice.
Living your life for something else.
Living your life for someone else.

Don’t pass judgment.

Both knees on the ground,
And one foot in a shallow grave.

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