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God Has No Place Within These Walls - text


God hates all of us. I will not beg for forgiveness.
You will all choke on your lies
of a faith that's left us all so blind.
Millions will not survive. Survive.
Suffocating me. We will all burn for eternity.
There is no substance to what you preach.
Prayers wasted, souls forever lost.
I will not look towards the sky to find my unholy guide.
Hidden by his fake virtues.
Divided by faith. Slaughter the innocent.
Point your fingers to past judgment.
You are shallow and so is your faith.
A thousand years of unholy bloodshed.
And for a faith that cannot exist.
Christ bled for all our sins.
The dead will lie in the streets,
so let them bleed just a little more.
Take a picture, capture this moment.
This is my redemption.
You say God is merciless.
So bow your head with the masses.
To save you forgotten souls.
I won't waste a moment on prayer.
God has no place within these walls.

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