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Ignorance is a fucking disease,
Sweeping over humanity.
No words can implicate my anger.

As we become nothing but pawns in a global takeover,
Just let your life pass you by.

We absorb what the controlled media tells us to,
While the blueprint for globalization has already been set in motion.

What has become of our rights as citizens?
We are digging our own fucking grave.

Wisen up and see the bullshit that surrounds us.
Cutting our own throats in the process.
Where will that get you?
Nowhere in the end.
Was it all worth it when there is no one left?
Where will that get you?
Nowhere in the end.
When there is nothing left,
Was it all worth it?

Unable to validate our existence,
We are walking on shards of broken glass.

What does it matter if our planet rots away?
We carelessly destroy and demolish every essence of life so we can give way to new and better things?

We will not live our lives like this.

Try to force your ways and we will crush you.

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