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Federal Death Alliance - text


Pharmaceutical companies allowing deadly chemical on our store shelves,
Aspartame rotting holes in my brain.

Once people begin to die away,
Is this a method of population control or dehumanization?
Our dehumanization.

Fluoride in our water supply,
Creating an even greater problem when you are dumbed down without knowing it..

What the fuck are we to do?
Do we take a stand?
I’d lay down my life to ensure the lives of future generations.
The lives of future generations.

Federal death alliance.
Babies born with birth defects.

Force feed us poison,
Force feed us fucking poison,
We consume fucking poison.
We are told that they’re safe and okay by our own fucking F.D.A.
When will we know the facts?

How can you think with a hole in your brain?
As you being to die away.
Force fed poison.

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