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Spirit of the Age - text


We heard her calling us from far away
Beyond the mists of time, the goddess now awakes
A new millennium, a world that's lost its faith
Athena come to us, take us in your embrace

The bards told tales of her two thousand years ago
This ancient wisdom for all of us to know
But as the years passed on, men made their words a lie
Now she returns, her truth will never die

The Grey Eyed Athena
The One to Who We Pray
The Grey Eyed Athena
The Spirit of the Age

Child of the Aegis King, the bearer of the Spear
The one who gives us strength, the one who knows no fear
She is the artisan, the virgin and the wise
She is the warrior, the anima mundi

We are her priestesses, the keepers of her word
We are the sisterhood, the wisdom will be heard
And through her strength and power, the truth will be revealed
We are her warriors, to no man do we kneel

Daughter of Zeus, hear our prayers
Daughters of Zeus, keeper of the truth

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