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Message from the dark
Tears me my mind apart
Calling out your name
This cloud burning pain
Black burn in the sea
Whispers come to me
Thousand miles away
Early this judgment day

(Message from the dark)
And I can't stand the pain
I have to leave this room
The panic is rising
I think I'm losing control
No I can't stand the pain
I have to leave this room
Breath is aching
I think I'm losing control

We're gathered here today
The sky is turning grey
I feel you in the wind
There's sadness in their eyes
This is their last goodbye
In loving memory
It's killing me

(Message from the dark)
Burning pain
(Message from the dark)
The judgment day

Message from the dark
I hear your words in my heart
Feel them in my breath
Recall them all 'till my death
Imagination or is it all hallucination
Don't know what is true
I think I'm gonna blame it all on you

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