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Wrong Planet Syndrome - text

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Sick and tired of running
Into the nothingness
We’re begging for salvation from the dread
Converted by damnation
Buried with face down
Sickness spreading all around
Neither with the Living
Neither with the dead
We’re left with promises for life ahead
Urgent alteration
Veiled behind a lie
Vanity is sold on highest price
Another ritual
The insane rule
Into false ascension we were thrown
With just a reason to believe
With just a reason to break free
I saw the feast of scavengers
On people’s fragile dreams
The pulse of life we started
Drained through empty streams
A void that’s ever growing
Keeps the world apart
Reality and Dream collide into
Absurdity of life
Becoming self-embodiment
On false inept beliefs
We gave away our freedom
Or were we ever free?
Were we ever free?

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