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You wake up in eloquent silence
You try to look with closed eyes
You can feel the truth around you
But you still miss the path
Your wisdom is your weakness
With every step you hit a wall
You always fail to create a pattern
That describes the world around
You search your own reflection
In the endless ocean of pain
Confusion, imperfection, lack of will
Is what stops you to dive and swim
Your life is a conscious blackout
You try to crush the thing you were
Slowly you dig deeper in yourself
Looking for something with no name
The only thing to find is - white noise
Don't talk to me, inside of me
I find my worst enemy
Paragon of disbelief
Incubating pain and grief
The shapeless fear in my veins
Is keeping me from being sane
My consonance is a fainted ghost
I grope for one I miss the most
Incertitude in my own self
Elusively it breeds and dwells
Like carcinoma deep inside
It waits for a ringbell to come alive
Again I strife to flee away
Not once I've tried to free my brain
I keep digging down and down
Effortlessly drifting around
The only thing I find is - white noise

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