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Back in a time of chaos and pollution
Too blind was mankind to see
How the world was reshaped
Rapidly on a scale never before seen
The global warming trend
Caused by acts of men
Radically changed
The climate on the land
The heat exposed bacteria lying dormant all around
An enemy imprisoned into the frozen ground
Beneath the ice
It was revived
For final feast
The mark of sickness spread throughout the living
The winds carried death on its fiery breath
Buried dormant for thousands of years
Confined under the ice
As the soil melted away
From beneath was released
The pathogen of ancient form of life
Temperatures high, sea level rise
Glaciers melt, animals die
Decades of draught taking their toll
Global warming out of control
Soon came reports on media
Of outbreaks all around
The masses in hysteria
All citizens alarmed
A morbid animosity. No one left unharmed
Mankind’s been redeemed
By full-scale bio-war
There is no time
Their blinded eyes
Refused to see
The living are no longer welcome
The measures they have taken - obsolete

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