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Aggression and no mercy
Swollen and discursive
Life is denied at all
you are searching it sole
Everything is dying
light's been fainting out
unseen hand's crucifying
all we can't without
Painful - this is painful and with no sense
Mutilated earth burns under our feet
Destitution and disorder are the monstrous kids
of the new time and the engulfed people's dreams
I hear silent voices -
deafened, sunk and quelled
crying for their lost souls
but still remaining sold
I see a world of latches
I see a world of walls -
kingdom of bereavement
home of prowling ghosts
Isolation and total obscurity
fall upon us all
Soulless men lead the world to the doom
If you answer the deadly embace
which is to ruin the world
there'll be no one ever to set you free

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