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Two Extremities - text

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I've come here so many times
You've come to me disguised
Our rendezvous takes place inside
Our dance is secret, our steps are shy
Maybe years ago and far away -
In a time I did not even exist
I met you as I tried to stay
My bridge, my ticket, my enemy
Sometimes when I close my eyes
I see you as an eerie box
You envelop me and make me small
My Jinn, my shadow, my paradox
My darkness and my mystery
You're all the same to me
My pain, my pleasure, my vanity
You hold the secret key
I used to try to fight with you
Oh, my, how hard I did!
Like trying to bite a mirror image
Transparent wall I've hit
Drifting on the waves of self
My psyche goes beyond
Visions from before my birth
Emerge and shape their form
And victory comes so futile
Your friendship I cannot deny
That's what we are, you and I -
Two extremities that can't collide

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