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Prisoner in Myself - text

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Diving into my despair
Deep and deep downhill
Long time ago my life was there
Today I reaped my own black seed
Guilt is what I'm forced to feel
For unknown reason now I repeal
All that I am and want to be
Already dead inside of me
Within my nutshell now I wither
My castle turns to a dreadful prison
Shreds of thoughts - inside they litter
The barren desert of my wisdom
Yeah - I'm a prisoner in myself
This is neverending nightmare
Won't somebody help me?
Day by day my candle burns
I'm not the one who used to be
The ghosts of traumas of the past
Are haunting my subconscious realm
They block my sanity and kill my trust
Exposing me to a sea of fears
My doleful soul is suffocating
Caught by unknown inner enemy
I see a reflection in the mirror
Of a person that is strange to me
A time of serenity
After keeping the same illusions
I turn to me
I think I've drawn the right conclusions

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