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Inside Your Pain - text

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Don't hide yourself behind deceitful smiles
I know it's relentless and makes no sense at all
Rather try to stare into your mind
and answer all the questions that once fell
Don't hide - I see
Through perception comes the ability to change
meaningless words have always been uttered in vain
Masquerade cannot alleviate
better dissipate your empty faith
Don't pretend to be insane
because I see inside your pain
Don't hide - I see inside your pain(2)
For what do you live -
hiding behind solemn emptiness
One day you will see -
your pain will be your domain
You have chosen the wrong way of behaving
where truth is distorted and vague
Tell me where is your inner self
think before lying once again
Veil hides emptiness
Swansong of despair
Fall in the abyss
of your own true self

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