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Call of the Master - text

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The war just died
bodies - still warm
the wound is bleeding even more
Dreadful pain
horror grows, fear remains
bloodred skies
people dying with despise
Suffering imposed by the peaceful friends
filial blood shed for someone's sake
neighbour exiled by his neighbour's wrath
brother died by his brother's hand
You purge the heretics
punish the innocents
suffer the kids
Spill the blood
close the eyes
maim the soul
squash the slave
Stinky future
awful future
distracted present
disrooted past
Countdown to doom, infinite gloom
Diabolical grain, people insane
There's no limit in despise
demolition and demise
empty promise, iron law
heavy burden makes fears flow
Oppressing over you
obedience will be sooth
if you try to flee
it will be your decease

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